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Zootopia, yay or nay?


I liked it. It was a good movie. I really liked how nice the animals fur looked in 3D. I also really like the look and feel of their world. The characters were fun, and I enjoyed the mystery aspect. I would really like to see furry mystery movies.


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Zootopia was such a cool movie. And while both it and Beastars are mostly slice of life, the former managed to keep me engaged and interested in it for it's entire runtime without sprinkling in anthro-nudity, awkward not really sex scenes and barely enough blood to justify a more mature rating.


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I haven't seen Zootopia or Beastars because I'm not into Disney movies or anime.

*Queue a barrage of furries gasping in shock telling me to watch one or both right now*


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I think with zootopia I remember having a feeling of 'they could have made this into a series'.
It wasn't anything I gave a standing applause for. But it was aight.
Clearly not as memorable though since I cant recall much about.


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I think It's fascinating that disney was like, Let's make a crime move with anthro characters, and for kids, and with racial struggle, and when put onto the big screen, It worked so well, partly because of the worldbuilding and of course, Pixar's beautiful artwork. Loved that movie, and HeY NoW Im A FUrrY!1!

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Disney's best movie IMO. Great character designs, a story that isn't blatantly ripped off, and no unwarranted singing.


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I haven't watched it in a long time because it was alright, not like my favorite piece of entertainment or anything. I'd rather rewatch beastars or bna or really something else

Sam Akuchin Wamm

There was going to be a goat that was a Welsh farmer in the movie but apparently they removed the character because they received death threats from some crazy Christians that thought it would turn the movie into something like the video from Ring where it would turn their children into demons so they took the character out.

The clip still half animated exists online and it's literally just a few seconds of Judy asking them if they saw something them saying "Nooo.." in a Welsh accent whilst shaking their head.

The character does however appear in a Zootopia detective game they made later so I don't really get why they took it out.


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I liked it, a lot more than recent animated Disney films. I appreciated the thought put into the city's design and the jokes were funny. If I had been a kid, it would probably be one of my favorite movies of all time.
Often in my brain I see images of an urban setting with animals living together, so artistically it's quite appealing.
I think you're gonna get some "biased" answers on FA though, haha.


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Took my sister along to watch Zootopia when it first came out. When they were in the lab and the otter(?) attacked the glass it scared the crap outta me.

Good movie and good score, and Shakira's "Try Everything" is definitely not on my playlist. :3
I gotta admit, when I first saw Zootopia, it was one of the many things that finally encouraged me to join the fandom. When I first saw it, it was one of the very few movies that actually provided a feel good emotion, one of the first Disney films to do that to me. That, and seeing as it was a good outlook on furries as a whole made it all the more inspiring to join! The movie was vert well made, the graphics and details were on point, and the concept was pretty good! Definitely a yay in my book, and if I had the choice to watch it again, I would!

Also, not gonna lie, when they brought the mafia into it, I really enjoyed it. It was like getting The Godfather vibes from it, or like most Italian mafia. I liked those parts a lot!